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English Speaking Spanking and Caning Movie Films of wives, adult schoolgirls and naughty girlfriends
167 Full-Screen Domestic and Schoolgirl Spanking and Corporal Punishment Films Now On-Line in our Adults-Only members area
Real ladies experiencing realistic discipline, filmed as it happened. We do not use two cameras to try and fool you into seeing the same stroke from two different angles, we show it as it really happened.
HiDefSpanking produce unique wide-screen, high-definition spanking movies for you to download and play anytime you want.
Visit HiDefSpanking's Blog for all the latest spanking news
All models on this site are over 18 years of age and proof is held on file in accordance with USC2257
Masie Dee's red hot bottom cheerleader spanking
Game of Thrones star Masie Dee gets her pert bottom spanked then paddled in this red hot film. Masie looks divine in her cheerleader's outfit but it soon has to come off so that she can be spanked and paddled nude.
HiDefSpanking bring you the very best of English spanking movies in high-quality, 1100KBS, wide-screen Windows Media Format. Great British girls and ladies spanked, strapped, slippered and caned for their pleasure and for your enjoyment!
All our videos are recorded on professional high-fidelity video equipment and produced by ourselves, V I Productions, the acknowledged experts in English-style discipline videos.
If we film a girl's facial reactions to her receiving strokes, she got extra strokes to make her grimace! What you see is what she got!
Mature ladies, adult schoolgirls and teenage girls just out of school, all are on this site in our high-quality video downloads.
Hi Def Spanking "It is a well known fact that I have a weakness for English spanking and schoolgirls, so this European site was pretty much tailor made for me. There are around 29 high definition movies (wmv format with sound) that capture every detail of the canings, spankings, croppings, and slipperings that are dealt here. You'll see both M/f and F/f spankings, and they are divided into two sections labeled "Schoolgirl" and "Domestic". The spankings are usually delivered by folks like headmasters, guradians, teachers, coaches, trainers, or landladies. The dialogue in these movies is what pushed them over into a "Vamp's Pick". The girls are almost always cheeky and hilarious, and the word play and silliness that takes place is pure UK brilliance. One of my favorite lines was, "You may say that you come top, but I deal with your bottom!" What can I say? Some folks have a weakness for redneck jokes, and I have a weakness for British wit. Lots of red bottoms, short skirts, and amusement." - Vamp

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